Haven Ridge Equestrian Center is managed and occupied by owner Cindy Love.

Cindy has cared for horses for over 30 years and has worked with top equine veterinarians and studied equine nutrition to establish a quality and sensible approach to feeding and housing the horses in her care.

Good quality hay is the foundation for keeping horses healthy and in good weight and we do not skimp on this vital component of a horse's diet.

Quality grass/alfalfa mix hay is fed to all horses, up to 25 pounds per day. Owner-supplied and portioned additional grain/supplements will be fed as requested. Additional feed can be provided at an additional cost, or a custom feeding program can be developed for special cases.

Board Rates, Effective May 1, 2019
Stall Board, full care (includes 2 lessons or 3 training rides per month and 3 day per week turnout, weather permitting). Owner supplies grain, supplements, and shavings as needed.$550 ($650 for double size stalls)/month
Outside paddock with shelter, full care (private or shared as space permits)$375-$400/month
Call for rates on individualized boarding only packages or stall/pen lease only.
Rates For Other Services
Call Cindy 303-717-1959